Cafeteria Encounter

I sat with a dinner tray at my usual corner in the university cafeteria at 7:00 PM. A dark haired girl came to my side, “I am horny. I need a man.”
“Sit down, please! Do you want to get a tray of dinner?” was my answer.
“Can you give me ‘The Man’?”
“There are so many men around here!” ducking into my favorite asopau del jueye.
“Can you skip your dinner and come with me?”
This was an unusual demand. I stood up, “What is your name?” “Gloria. Third year biology. So too are you?” said she in Spanish. “No, teaching and research assistant in biology. I have never seen you before.” “You will notice me next time!”
“Sit down here and let’s to have a talk.” Sinking ourselves into a garden chair outside the cafeteria in the tropical dim light. Two other couples were already petting at the far side. She grabbed my neck and wanted a quick fix. I untangled her hands.
“You do not understand. I want some foreplay. I would like to see a girl in slow death rather than being killed instantly!”
“I am having a real treat tonight! But what are you going to do with me?”
“Take off your shoes and give me your feet!” She stared at me puzzled. I told her that I am a foot-fetishist.
“A what?”
“Never mind!” I grabbed her feet and helped myself pulling off her shoes. She has a pair of slender high-arched feet. Caramel-hued mulatto soles covered by coffee-brown backs. Two smiling blossoms with deep calyces surrounded by ten long oval petals. Big toes slightly shorter than the second (my favorite type).
I lifted her feet with trembling hands and pressed her moist soles tightly to my lips and nostrils. Her “Shoolay”, as the locals call the girl’s foot aroma, was not of the strong and overpowering type, but was nevertheless intoxicating to inhale. Trying to imbibe her fragrance to the full, I dug my nose deep between her toes and giving a light rub on the tender skin of the balls of her sole. My pants began to bulge and I have to change my sitting position in order to hold her feet firmly to my face.
“My feet are dirty!”
“Mm—, they smell so good and they feel so tender!” and gave a light tickling at her left sole.
She jumped and tried to draw her feet back, “What are you doing?” cackling in a metallic voice.
I giggled more than she did, “Are you ticklish, Gloria?” Her ankles were in my iron grip and I began to make rhythmic scratches in both her soles with my long fingernails ready-made for such occasions although the last time I used them was two years ago.
It was beautiful to look at her body contorting and twisting in agony with ten long toes trying to hold fists at each of my finger stroke. Her howling was so desperate as if at the end of her life. The other two couples at our side did not even raise their heads.
“Tickling kills!”
“How do you know?”
“I remember in the history class that they killed the prisoners by tickling.”
“Do you know there are better ways to enjoy tickling before death? Put both of your feet up here. Try to hold your laughter and do not jump so that I can tickle both your soles with my both hands at the same time.”
“I will try to hold out!” I scratched lightly on the tender skin of the central depressions of her both soles with my index fingers at the same time while she let me to. But she soon screamed hysterically and withdrew her feet, “I can not stand it any more!”
I stuck my both hands into her short sleeves and poked into her armpits. She shrieked and drew her arms close to fend off my thrust while at the same time looked at her own breasts as if suggesting. I tried to loose her bra by putting my fingers under it and reached her nipples but found that she was not particularly ticklish there.
I returned to her soles. I regret that I do not have eight hands to reach both her soles and armpits at the same time like those immortals in mythology. Each time when I worked at her soles I have to give respite to her armpits and vice versa. But I did the next best by tickling her armpits and soles alternately, which made her busy in fending off my hands at both her upper and lower body at the same time.
Soon, she seemed to give up. Her laughter became voiceless. Her teeth gritted tightly. Her whole body was writhing spasmodically as if in great pain at each of my stroke. Suddenly, she stiffened her arms and legs and rolled her eyes skyward with mouth wide open. I felt her wet skirt on my lap. She closed her eyes with her flaccid head resting on my shoulder as if fell into a sound sleep.
“I am done! I am dead!” groaned her lifelessly.
“But, ” protested I, “you are jumping and struggling most of the time instead of enjoying being tickled! Next time, I have to tie you down in order to give you a sound tickling.”
“Tie me down?” she feigned a horror.
“Yes!” peeling down her panties at the same time and squeezed her half-erected clitoris with two fingers. She jumped again, “No, not here, please!” and put a hand down there as if to cover. I pushed her hand back and gave her more squeezing and a side way stroking. She opened her mouth as if to cry out but without voice.
I dug deeper into her wet slit to touch her G-point. Her body shrank into a small pile of ragdoll at my third light tap.
“Oh, it feels so good! But, wait, just—-” and had a second orgasm with gushing juice together with her pee.
“Have a short sleep before we finish this session today. Or if you want more now?”
“More, until I can not walk so that you have to carry me back to the sorority house!”
I met her in the Old Town Campus two weeks later. She winked at me and made a clawing gesture at her own feet and armpits.

By Y. C. Chang

True foot fetish story

Here’s an honest to goodness story.  One nite I’m making my Wall St. Journal deliveries in a pretty decent sized N.C. city.  It’s about midnite and I’m walking on the sidewalk with a bundle of newspapers.  This decent looking brunette comes straight out of nowhere and walks up to me and kisses me on the lips.  She says she thinks I’m handsome and she wants to buy me a drink and hang out.  Now bare in mind I have 3 hrs of deliveries left.  So I sneak a look at her feet real quick and she’s wearing black shoes with no socks!  Can’t see her toes though because the shoes were closed toe.  Needless to say my dick woke right up thinking about how they might smell.  So I interupted my deliveries to hang out with her.  She treated me to a few drinks at a local bar and I got to know her a little better. She was in town on business an was staying at a hotel. After drinks we got into my car and drove around for a while.  before I knew it she was asleep in my car.  I immediately pulled over, parked, and put her feet in my lap. She woke up and I said “you deserve a nice foot massage for being so nice to me.”  So I took her shoes off and started rubbing her sweaty feet. She stated how good that feels.  So I decided to pull her feet up to my face and smell her toes and start tongue bathing her feet.  At this point she was still groggy but said how good it felt. I swear I lost control and started desparately sucking and kissing her salty soles and toes and creamed my pants thoroughly.  All this while she was half asleep.  After I was done, I looked at the clock and it was getting very late. I still had my route to finish. So I took her to her hotel room.  She was kind od afraid to bring me up there but she did. Once there, she laid down on the bed, I took off her shoes again and got one more nut out of the deal.  I’m getting hard as I’m writing this.  I tried to see her again but she would never answer her hotel room phone.  TRUE STORY HONESTLY.

Written by Lee.


I have had a foot fetish since I was in grade school.  I have two sisters but my youngest sister has gorgeous feet she is four years younger than me.  When I was about 16 we were watching a movie on tv, she was laying on the floor in front of me and I was laying on the couch.  She had a blanket over her but every once in awile she would slip her perfect cute little feet out from under the blanket.  I would just sit there and stare at her feet without having to worry about her catching me because she was facing the tv, this went on for about half an hour.  My dick hurt so bad from getting so hard.  Continue reading

Foot fetish guide

Foot fetish guide
These are improtant notes that every woman (mistress) and man (her foot slave) should follow.
-Foot worship:
Every foot worship session should begin with shoes, the man kisses the woman’s shoes, licks them, takes them off and finally puts his nose inside her shoes and inhales deeply the smell of her feet.
Then if she is wearing socks or nylons he kisses them, takes them off and sniffes them.
Then he will move to her feet, kisses every inch of them, he should lick her soles from heels to toes and sniff her feet at the same time. Then he should move to the toes, sucking and kissing every one of them, and the best part is licking between them.
Smelling her socks and shoes is not enough, he must smell her feet, and especially between her toes, she may press on his nose with her toes.
If her feet are dirty then he must use his tongue to clean them, and when it’s time for lunch, the woman crushes the food on his plate and he must lick the food from them, that’s his meal.
-Foot washing:
This is one of the best foot fetish activities, the man brings water and wait for the woman to put her precious feet into it.
Then he starts washing them, if she gets her feet out from the water he should absord all the water from them. She should slap him with her foot if he doesn’t show her good work.
When he finishes washing them he must lick them untill they are completely dry. And the best part of the whole session is when he drinks the water where her feet were washed.
-Foot massage & Pedicure:
Every woman deserves a nice feet massage and her feet should always look pretty. That’s the man’s job.
He has to massage her feet while she is in complete state of rest. It is better to use a lotion or an oil to soften them. He has to massage the heels, the soles, press on the footballs and massage each toe. She may want to rest her feet on his back, shoulders, or legs.
After the massage, his duty is to clip her nails and polish them and he needs to be very careful on her toes and waits for them to dry.
Trampling is a kind of punishment, when the man disobeys the woman, she stands on his body, she can trample him with high heels if he deserves to feel more pain or she can simply trample him with her feet.
But the best part is when she presses on his head with her both feet, to teach him who is boss.
When she needs to show him her superiority and his inferiority, she needs to make his face her footstool, cover his mouth and eyes with her precious feet.
He is forbidden from seeing and breathing when her feet are in his face. He should only smell her feet stinky perfume.
She may enjoy putting one foot on his face or body and raising her hands as a sign of victory.
She may also crush his head between her legs or sits on his body or face while keeping his hands under her knees to eleminate his resistance. Or she can force him to smell her panties or socks or shoes ,use him as furniture or ride his back as her pony.
Spitting on his face and forcing him to swallow her delicious spit or making him smell her armpits is useful.
Facesitting is also required, she sits on his face and prevents him from breathing either with her butt or with her hands, she may also enjoy spanking him or ballbusting him.

Guide written by Ahmed

Well Worn Leather Clogs

Leah had medium length dark hair, stood about 5’4” tall with a completely flat chest and wore a perfect size 6 shoe.  She worked across from me at the lumber office and handled most of the in-house accounting.  Dress was casual at the office and Leah usually wore blue-jeans a nice loose fitting top and leather clogs without sox.  She would often work at her desk cross-legged and dangle one of her clogs off her pretty petite foot.  This would cause me a great deal of distraction and hours dreaming about worshiping Leah’s feet.  Continue reading

Susan’s Closet

The party was being held on the main level of the sprawling new suburban house.  The stereo was playing funky new-age jazz, the wine was flowing and the guest were mingling.  I used the excuse to my wife of having to use the bathroom to slip away and explore the host’s large mansion like home.  The couple that was hosting the social event were both prominent people in the community and close friends of my wife and I.  Kevin was a physician and his wife Susan was a trial lawyer.  This combination of careers was the reason for the expensive home, fancy cars and expensive wardrobe.  I wondered through the home exploring the various rooms and checking out the couples stuff.  Susan was an attractive lady in her late forties, not thin but the curves were all in the right places, and she knew how to use the expensive clothing and shoes to her advantage.  I had fantasized about her on many occasions and spent every opportunity presented to me to capture mental pictures of what I considered her sexy feet.  Susan always wore expensive designer leather heels, flats, loafers, clogs, and in the warmer months flip-flops. 
Continue reading

German girl with sexy feet

At first I want to say sorry, because my english isn’t the best, but I’ll try to let you understand my story which happend last week (April 2006).It’s 100% real and my heart is bumpin like 160bpm when I’m thinking about it….Okay let’s start:

I was surfin in the internet like every Sunday evening and just checking out some nice girls on a german flirt-community site..
I mailed a girl, I would say her lookout was average, but there was some kinky sparkle in her eyes.
She replied my mail so we exchanged our MSN-Messenger address and the standard converstation starts like how old, what are you doing bla bla bla…
Continue reading

Perfect foot sex

Thanks to all who enjoy my stories. Here is another one I hope you enjoy. If this one doesn’t convince you foot fetish is normal…I don’t know what does!As those of you who read my stories know, I am fortunate to be married to a very sexy blonde who loves my foot fetish and regularly indulges me with the most amazing Footjobs. I have begun to accept the fact that she had actually given Footjobs to other guys before we met and was shocked when her best friend, Jackie, actually gave me a Footjob! (See my old story, “The Payback.”) What was even more amazing was the fact that Jackie told Debbie she wanted to give me another Footjob as the first one went so quickly. So it was to be. Continue reading

Long toes and fantastic footjob

As requested. Here is a continuation to the Jackie and Debbie have at me story. Enjoy!It had been a night beyond my wildest fantasy…Jackie and Debbie having at me again with their sexy bare feet and flexible toes. After the early evening Footjob by Jackie and Debbie together, Debbie again made me explode with her long, sexy toes, polished in a radiant blue that was accentuated by the silver toe ring, matching ankle bracelet and black, ankle strap sandals that she wore when she came to me. Continue reading