I have had a foot fetish since I was in grade school.  I have two sisters but my youngest sister has gorgeous feet she is four years younger than me.  When I was about 16 we were watching a movie on tv, she was laying on the floor in front of me and I was laying on the couch.  She had a blanket over her but every once in awile she would slip her perfect cute little feet out from under the blanket.  I would just sit there and stare at her feet without having to worry about her catching me because she was facing the tv, this went on for about half an hour.  My dick hurt so bad from getting so hard.  She fell asleep about ten minutes after the movie was over on the floor.  I didn’t care I slid off of the couch and sat at her feet.  I gently lifted the blanket up to reveal her perfect soft soles facing right at me, they looked like the top of fresh baked brownies.  I put my face as close to her feet as I could without touching them, I didn’t want to wake her up.  So I pulled my dick out and jerked off right there, it did not take long for me to cum. My cum accidentlly shot up and some landed on the soles of her feet. I just left it on her feet, it was only 2 little drops. I felt really weird about the whole thing and just got over it.
Then When I was about 25 and she was 21 I found myself becoming obbsessed with her sexy soft feet.  She had grown up and so did I.  She grew to be very attractive, she is about 5’5, very light complection, dark brown hair and green eyes.  I still lived at home and so did she.  She was 21 so she came and went as she pleased.  At this age she was completely aware that I had a foot fetish and I swore she would tease me sometimes.  She had many pairs of shoes and sandals laying around in her room all the time.  My favorite ones were her leather thong sandals.  When she would leave the house I would sneak into her room and “borrow” her sandals.  I would smell the footbed of her sandals and lick all were her feet would touch.  She wore them so often you could see where her little toes would sit on the sandals from it getting worn out.  I would suck on the part that got wedged in between her toes.  Then I would rub my dick all over where her feet touched.  EVentually I would jerk off huge loads of cum onto her sandals, then rub all of my cum into them so she coundn’t tell, and put them back in her room. The thought of my cum rubbing into the soles of her feet all day drove me nuts.  I loved that she was walking on my cum all day and had no clue.  This went on for about 6 months, then one day I was doing my deed with her sandals and afterwards I fell asleep, leaving her sandals on my bed.  She came home and walked in my room to see if I wanted to get something to eat and saw her sandals laying on my bed.  She asked why they were in my room and I said something supid like “I don’t know you must have left them in here”.  She grabbed them and put them back in her room.  I knew that I was busted, she knows I like her feet.  We went out for lunch but it was really akward.  Life when on as normal.
Then one day my dream came true.  About 6 months later we were in the living room watching a movie, again, she kept her feet in plain sight the whole time, I think she caught me stealing glances at her sexy little size 8′s but I didn’t care.  After awile she fell asleep on the couch with her feet hanging off the edge.  I very quietly crawled over to her feet and just stared at them for about ten minutes.  Every onCe in awile her little toes would flex and my cock would throb.  I worked up the courage and picked up her small toe to see if she would wake up.  Nope.  I very very gently placed my tongue on the sole of her foot, it was salty, it tasted like heaven.  I couldn’t believe this was happening.  I pushed my face as close as I could to her feet and just inhaled uhhhh, I was quivering.  Then I tried sucking on two and three of her toes at the same time, still she didn’t wake up.  I was in heaven.  Then all of the sudden I hear “I hope you’re enjoying yourself”.  I froze, I was filled with fear. She rolled over on her back and just looked at me, I didn’t know what to say.  She comforted me and said “Don’t worry I’ve known you’ve had a thing for my feet for years it was pretty obvious”. Then she tells me to continue and that it was weird but she didn’t mind.  I sat on the couch and she swung her feet into my lap, I couldn’t believe she was leting me do this, my sister.  I grabbed both of her ankles and put her feet together and pushed my face into her soles, I could have died right there, she would just grin at me and tease me more.  I sucked on all of her toes, licked her feet up and down for about 15 minutes.  Then I told her I was going to bed, I just had to go jerk off, my cock was ripping my zipper apart.  I stood up to walk away and she glanced at my crotch, shit I had pre cum leaking through my jeans.  She told me to sit back down.  I sat back down then she kicked me lightly in the crotch and said “Thats nice, you were gonna go in your room and jack off over this”.  I just admitted it.  Then she goes “Ill do you a favor under one condition”.  “What favor and what conditon” I asked.  “I’ll jack you off with my feet and thats the only part of my body I want your dick touching if you lick your cum off my feet”.  I agreed.  She slid one foot under my cock and rubbed the top of my cock with the other.  I popped in under a minute.  I blew so much cum all over the place and alot of it ran down on her feet.  She played with my dick and cum for about a minute with her sweet little toes, a huge grin on her face.  “I don’t really care it’s only on my feet, it’s just my feet” she said.  “Well clean up time”.  She lifted her feet to my face and I lapped my cum off her feet and licked in between her toes with pleasure.  She told me that it would never happen again and it has not yet, but she still teases me all the time.  Maybe I’ll ask for my birthday!

Story by Ben